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Our Mission


At Woodstown Preschool Academy we are dedicated to providing the best possible environment for your child. We focus on delivering experiences that promote learning and stimulate curiosity while providing a healthy balance of fun and physical activity. Our approach creates an exciting, welcoming, and safe environment that fosters growth, comfort, and happiness.

The personal and thoughtful experience delivered by our loving and talented teachers prepares children for success in elementary school and beyond. The genuine care and concern that we have for every child will ensure that your little one considers Woodstown Preschool Academy their home away from home.



The teachers at WPA are dedicated to providing an experience that will establish the habits and skills necessary for success in elementary school. Our talented teachers host multiple educational activity sessions throughout the day that are designed for mental stimulation and engagement. Organized games, puzzles, and educational computer games help supplement traditional teaching with opportunities for children to think creatively.

By ensuring that your child enjoys their time at WPA, we encourage and instill the idea that learning can be fun. Activities such as singing, story time, and educational media provide learning experiences through play. In addition, children get plenty of time each day for free play to enjoy the variety of games, toys, and activities that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

We recognize the importance of establishing and reinforcing proper behavior that assists in social development and acclimation to the elementary school environment. A variety of group activities provide children with opportunities to interact, grow together, and form strong bonds. Activities such as show and tell focus on personal development and help with presentation skills and comfort in group settings.

Recent national studies have indicated that only one in three children in the United States are physically active every day. We ensure that every child that attends WPA belongs to the 33 percent of children that are building habits that will promote a lifetime of physical health. Children in both half and full day programs participate in exercise time in the morning as well as outdoor play time at noon in our playground area, with an additional outdoor play time at the end of the day for those in full day programs.




1 Day

$ 65 per Week

2 Day

$ 125 per Week

3 Day

$ 180 per Week

4 Day

$ 225 per Week

5 Day

$ 250 per Week
  • Prices above exclude a one-time $50 registration fee and $25 annual snack fee
  • 7 AM - 6 PM
  • 4 Play Sessions
  • 3 Activity Sessions
  • Story Time
  • Nap Time
  • 2 Snack Times
  • Lunch

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